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Broodmares/ Young horses


Wannalook Sweet Talk.


 By Rathlyn Pep Talk out of Glenavlon Sugar ( Bolinger) She is an open mare having won 5 novices becoming an open mare as well as numerous ladies drafts. She ran off  for the Canning Downs  in 2008 placing 2nd. She is the dam of Wannalook Sweet Heart, Wannalook Sweet Idea, Wannalook Sweet Design, Wannalook Sweet Az Bro, Wannalook Sweet Ta Cee and Wannalook Sweet Ada Tude ( pending). In foal to Kirkbys Stud Rebound for 2021 foal. 


 Sweet Talk retired to stud due to injury.

Wannalook Snowonder. By Riverview Snowman out of Oak Oasis.

Snowonder is an open mare that has won a maiden, many ladies, novices and open drafts. Snow has been put in the brood mare paddock after coming 3rd in the Ladies draft at Warwick, October 2015. She is in foal to KS Rebound. She had a colt foal - Wannalook Y Wonder" in foal to GI M Hard in 2019/2020 and produced a filly foal and again the year after another colt foal to same stallion and this season 2022 a colt foal to Chattahochie.

Wannalook Obvious 262071 HSH. By Kirkbys Stud Rebound out of Holmrose Chloe. 


Only had a couple of starts but retired due to bad hoof injury. Extremely cowy mare that travels beautifully low to the ground.



She will be bred to Shines Like Metallic in 2023/24

RV Purfectly Lethal - Q74079  by Rackateer Cat out of Lenas Sweet Melody


Recently purchased, (late 2022)  yes mane has come off lol.


In foal to Kirkbys Stud Rebound. Due late 2023

Tookalook Sassy.


By Almora QP Double Doc out of Kayjay Miss Willis. Sassy is a novice mare having won madien and novice drafts before being put to stud. She has produced Wannalook Renegade ( who sold for $20,000 at the 2014 Dalby Sale). She is in foal again to Kirkbys Stud. Sassy is the dam of Wannalook Will Roc and Wannalook Will Do and Wannalook Special Order

Tamarang Divine Acres


 Recently purchased this mare in foal to Seligman Spin. (Had a colt foal 6 Nov 2017) Then had a filly foal to Breks Duck YeahThis mare is by Acres Destiny out of Tamarang Oaks Oroton ( DFO)


SOLD 2019 (due to drought)

Oaks Oasis. By Hazelwood Oaks Dry Doc out of a Thoroughbred mare. She is an open drafter having won many juvenilles, 2 novices, many Ladies and open drafts. She is the mother of Wannalook Snowonder,Wannalook Sometime and Wannalook Return as well as two others that have been sold. Mare laid to rest 2019 - aged 25 yo

Holmrose Chloe. By Gilgannon Maestro out of Edenhope Marque. Chloe is a novice mare having won both a maiden and novice before being put into the broody paddock. She is the dam of Wannalook Smarty Pants, Wannalook Repeat and Wannalook Satisified. (Mare has been sold)


o i-1_edited.jpg

Wannalook N E Wonder (pending) by Chattahoochee (Seligman Spin X Bobadil Nitemare) out of Wannalook Snowonder. 12/12/2022 to be gelded.

Wannalook G I Wonder (pending)  02/12/2021 - gelding


By G IM Hard out of Wannalook Snowonder

Wannalook Sweet Ada Tude (deceased)



 DOB13/11/2020 Bay Taffy gelding. By Conmoon out of Wannalook Sweet Talk. 


Found deceased in paddock early 2022

Wannalook Sweet Ta Cee


Filly brown/black,DOB 17 Feb 2019. By  Kirkbys Stud Rebound, out of Wannalook Sweet Talk

Broken in in Feb 2021 and is an absolute dream to do anything with.

Wannalook Special Order 


Filly DOB 26-9-18 By Breks Duck Yeah out of Tookalook Sassy. due to time and Covid etc Special will be broken in in September 2021.


Sold 2022

Wannalook Ducksina Row.


Filly DOB 1-11-2018 By Breks Duck Yeah out of Tamarang Divine Acres. Broken in Jan 2020. Very quick smart mare. 

Wannalook Sweet Az Bro


Gelding, DOB 18 Feb 18, By Kirkbys Stud Rebound out of Wannalook Sweet Talk. Sweet Az Bro stable name just had to be KIWI!!!!! Photo is of Kiwi (person- Kelly Walsh) having her first ever ride on a breaker, this is Kiwi (horse) very first ride. Very quiet and casual!!!

Wannalook Destine to Spin.


DOB 6 Nov 2017. Gelding by Seligman Spin out of Tamarang Divine Acres


Sold 2019

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