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Anna Hudson and Wannalook ASH Stud

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At the age of 13 I "broke-in" my first horse and from then on, I have always broken in my own (and other people's horses) and educated them to compete at the highest levels. I had regular dressage lessons (from both international and Australian instructors) as a teenager as my mother and father knew that dressage was the basic education for all facets of the equine sports.


After I had finished my year 12 education, I worked on a station in the Northern Territory for 12 months and found my true passion for campdrafting. I formed a wonderful lifelong bond with the manager and his wife (Gavin and Narelle Miller) and from this I was given young horses to take on and promote. One was an unbroken 2 year old colt ( Rathlyn Pep Talk) and the other 2 were yearling fillies by Hazlewood Oaks Dry Doc. Two of these horses went on to win many open drafts (Peppy and Oaks Oasis) and unfortunately the other mare developed Navicular problems, although she was a novice mare at the time of retirement. 


I returned home from working in the NT to undertake study at UNE as a teacher specializing in Special Education. I taught for many years until a change in career bought me back to my hometown. After some international travel I purchased land in Tenterfield and started getting the WANNALOOK Stud business set up. 


Just a few of the titles I have won in campdrafting include 2nd) National ACA Lady Rider, In the top ten National Open Rider. NSW Open and Lady Rider, NSW Open and Novice horse. and many NSW NE zone Open and Lady Rider as well as Open and Novice horse titles.


I have made the finals and placed at Paradise Lagoons and Warwick Gold Cup and ran off the Canning Downs in 2008 on my home bred and trained mare Wannalook Sweet Talk.


I am currently standing my own stallion, Kirkby's Stud Rebound. I am gradualy building up the stud and should have more and more progeny for sale in the years to come.

Older News

Success for the last years drafting for the Wannalook team. Snowonder came 3rd NSW open horse, Bills Stylish Cutter won Open NSW horse. I came 3rd in NSW Lady rider and also won the open rider of NSW. Awards were given out at Mallangee draft. Other places were also won at the draft itself.

Wannalook Stud lost Talk Tactics to colic 6th June 2015. Huge thanks you to Pip -Tenterfield Vet Clinic and the Oakey Vets for their efforts to save this wonderful mare.

Wannalook Sometime (4 yo)makes the final of the maiden at Killarney with an 85. 5th draft 2nd final. Love this fella

Three wins- one draft weekend. Wannalook Snowonder won the open, Wannalook Talk Tactics winning the Novice at Stanthorpe draft May 2015. Both scored a 90 in the first round which then was the highest scoring Lady rider! 

Wannalook horses are in the line up again. Rebound recently placed 7th in open at Tenterfield this draft being won by Bills Stylish Cutter. Wannalook Sometime placed =7th in the maiden this only being his 3rd start.

Wannalook Sometime has started his campdrafting career at the Glen Innes show. He ran an 81 ( just missing the gate) and also missed the final by 1 point. He had many favourable comments about his performance and calm attitude. Snowonder and Tactics both placed in the open.

Wannalook horses have had a successful Tenterfield show 2015. Satisfied placed 2nd in her led class and went on to win her ridden class ( 3 in her class) she has only been started for 3 weeks-yet again proving the trainability of the Rebound progeny. Sometime won the working gelding class. Snowonder won hers and went onto win supreme champion working ASH. She also received reserve led ASH mare.

Bills Stylish Cutter has yet another win in the Restricted open at Red Range 20-21 Dec. After scoring an 88 and having a run off to take the blue one. This makes 8 open wins for Billy.

At the Glen Innes draft on the 13-14 Dec 2014, Wannalook Snowonder ran a 90 to win the Restricted Open draft. ( Scoring a 24 cut out)

At the Glen Innes draft on the 13-14 Dec 2014, Wannalook Snowonder ran a 90 to win the Restricted Open draft. ( Scoring a 24 cut out)

WANNALOOK RENEGADE (3yo colt) sells at 2014 Dalby ASH sale for $20,000 going to Claremont. He was the 2nd top price colt against 13 other colts and stallions. (See photo below)

Yet again more of Rebounds Progeny are starting to hit the line ups. Nuttella and Noisy have placed in the maiden draft as well as the two handed cutting. Talent and trainability are evident in his progeny.

Kirkbys Stud Rebound was awarded the open horse title in the North East zone of NSW for 2013, and Anna gained the Ladies title and 2nd in the open rider.

More success for the Wannalook Stud at Casino draft in August. Wannalook Snowonder placed 1st in the Ladies draft with an 88 and ran 4th in the restricted open with an 89. While Bills Stylish Cutter won the  open draft . Wannalook Talk  Tactics was ridden by Donna Dean to place 3rd in the Ladies

Rebounds progeny "Revenge" placed in the madien draft at Casino having only competed at a few drafts. Revenge is showing great talent and promise.

Wannalook Stud has been having more success in the last few months. At Tabulam draft QuarterJack won the novice draft running a 92 and 87 then the following weekend at Mallanagee, he won the open with an 88 and 87. Wannalook Snowonder ran 2nd in the Restricted Open, Wannalook Talk Tactics ran 2nd in Novice, Kirkbys Stud Rebound ran 2nd in the Ladies and 7th in the open.

More success has come the studs way. At recent drafts the horses have been drafting nicely with the following results. Allora Wannalook Snowonder ran 2nd in Open. Rebound 3rd in Ladies at Bundarra, And at the feature Novice at Allora Wannalook Talk Tactics ran 4th and Quarter Jack 8th.

Wannalook horses have been in the line up again. At the Tenterfield draft ( March 2014) Wannalook N Talk made maiden final and Wannalook Talk Tactics top scored with an 89 in 2nd rd of Novice making final but not having any luck. Kirkbys Stud Rebound placed 2nd in restriced open and Wannalook Snowonder placed 3rd in Restricted open. 


At Inverell Draft, Wannalook Snowonder ran a 90 for a run off in the ladies ( placing 2nd ) and Hannah Byrnes rode Wannalook Talk Tactics  ( first time ever) too place 3rd in the ladies running a 88.

The Wannalook horses have been having great success in the showring while the drafts have been cancelled due to the weather. Wannalook Renegade ( by Kirkbys Stud Rebound) has been to his first shows after being broken in for only 7 weeks. Winning both of his led colt classes at Stanthorpe and Tenterfield shows and I put him in the hack class at Tenterfield and he won this as well, up against the geldings and fillies. He worked faultlessly with a beautiful calm attitude that he possesses. Wannalook Snowonder has taken out Champions and Reserves in her led,hack and working classes. Jan/Feb 2014

Wannalook Snowonder win the open draft at Nullamanna Sept 2013

Rebound has had a great weekend at  Tabulam winning the Restricted Open and placing 2nd in the normal open, only beaten by 1 point by Bills Stylish Cutter. June 2013

Wannalook Snowonder places 4th in the Chinchilla Grandmother clock and Rebound places 7tn in the Warwick gold cup Ladies draft.  Both horses made second rounds and finals in drafts at Condamine,Chinchilla and warwick. They both helped me to gain the highest average scoring lady over the three drafts. Placing 7th in the overall averages

Congrats to Lucy, who recently won the Ladies draft at Tenterfield on Wannalook Talk Tactics - April 2013

Congrats to Claudia and Revenge  (by Rebound) finalling in the Madien draft at Allora at Revenges first draft.

Claudia on Revenge. Photo by Ray Abraham.

Wannalook Snowonder wins the Novice draft at Glen Innes Feb 2013

Rebound ha a brilliant day at Bonalbo being awarded champion Led ASH Stallion, Supreme Working ASH horse as well as winning the Jim Brown Memorial working horse- open to all breeds.

Wannalook Stock Horse (ASH) established 1998 is owned and operated by Anna Hudson, it is located on the Northern NSW town of Tenterfield 16 km from the QLD border. The WANNALOOK Prefix was registered in 2005 with the ASH. 


I aim to breed, train and prepare horses that are calm, intelligent, responsive, athletic and with a good temperament, attitude and have natural cattle sense.  I see these as the main attributes for horses to excel in not only in campdrafting and stock horse classes but in any equine discipline. Over the years I have produced many horses that have gone on and performed well for all riders, from the serious performance competition rider to pleasure rider.


Horses are my passion and lifeblood. I have been involved with horses all my life. Competing at the state and national levels throughout pony club to the royal shows with the hacking horses I used to compete very successfully with. I have also competed in show jumping, tent pegging, harness horses, dressage etc. 


Bring on the end of 2022 and into 2023. I've been lucky enough to have won a couple of Ladies drafts. One at Bundarra on the lovely mare of John and Yanneke Mathewson- Applause and then a really special memorial draft for my mum and dad at Tenterfield on Wannalook Sweet Idea.



 Thankfully we are past 2019-2022 from drought, covid and floods we have had it all. Understandably there hasn't been many drafts on for quite some time hence no news to share lately. 

Again in 2018 very limited drafting occurred. The stud did produce 3 fillies. Wannalook Sweet Talk produced Wannalook Sweet Ta Cee by Rebound, Tookalook Sassy had Wannalook Special Order by Breks Duck yeah and Tamarang Divine Acres had Wannalook Ducksina Row also by Breks Duck Yeah, very excited for these fillies.

2017. Although myself and horses are still on a break from drafting, my Tamarang Divine Acres, purchased this year in foal, has produced a colt foal by Seligman Spin. Wannalook Destine to Spin. Sweet Talk in foal to Rebound produced a colt as well, Wannalook Sweet Az Bro.

2016-2017 results included KS Rebound coming 4th Open horse in NSW, I was lucky enough to win the NSW Ladies and 6th in NSW Open rider. Nationally I received the 6th position in the Ladies draft. Congratulations to all of the riders this year and good luck for the next years drafting.

Wannalook horses have had a great big holiday recently ( due to personal reasons) but Sweet Heart went to her 3rd draft Glen Coe March 2017, and ran an 86 and Satisfied started her first draft and just missed out on the final, also at Glen Co.

Wannalook Sometime ( aka Tim) has been sold to the Seidel family and currently Bailey is riding him having great fun and success on him. Already winning cut out and Juvenile drafts.  I think Ben is dying to have a few rides as well! Good luck with Timmy Turtle guys.

Wannalook horses have been having some great success in the last few months. Results include:


Casino (Aug 16) Little Red Rocket had to run off for the Restriced open placing 2nd and Rebound just a point behind (89) came 3rd.

Texas (July 16)  Wannalook Sometime 6th in Maiden, Rebound 7th on Open and also 2nd in Ladies

Wiangaree (July16) Wannalook Return  placed 7th in the Maiden draft at his 10th draft. Totally over the moon about this as is shows the natural ability and cow in theses horses. My horses don't see cattle from draft to draft. Yippie!!!! Rebound placed 3rd in the Ladies as well.


Mallanagee (June 16) Ladies 1st on Brett Smalls " Special Reys" , Rebound 2nd in Restricted open and =4th in Open


Tabulam ( June 16) Wannalook Smarty Pants ran two 88's to win the Maiden draft. Rebound came =6th in Ladies


Kyogle  ( June 16) Ladies 1st on Bills Stylich Cutter


Stanthorpe ( May 16) Sometime 5th in Novice, Rebound 5th in Open


Bundarra Finals ( April 16) Bill placed 10th in Open, Sometime made final of Novice


Allora ( March 16) Sometime 3rd in Maiden, Bill 6th in Open


Glen Coe ( March 16) Rebound won ladies and 2nd in Open


Glen Innes ( Feb 2016) - Bills Stylish Cutter 3rd Restricted Open



Rebound has just won my mums memorial draft at Tenterfield . This was an extra special win as it was mums 10 year anniversary.  Sometime also made the maiden Final.  Nov 2015.

Equimec Triple logo HR (2)-1 News_edited

Wannalook Horses have caught the eye of Team Equimec    ( funnily enough its a drench that I have always used anyway) and was approached in regards to sponsorship. I am very proud to announce that I have joined their team. GO TEAM EQUIMEC!!! And thank you for your sponsorship

Wannalook Snowonder placed 3rd in the Ladies Draft at the Warwick Gold Cup 2015. She will now be joined to Rebound.

Results for the Wannalook Team have been great at the second part of 2015. Results include Snowonder - 3rd Ladies Tabulam Draft, 2nd Ladies Mallanagee Draft, 1st Kyogle Ladies Draft, and 2nd in Restricted Open.


Wannalook Smarty Pants had to run off for the Maiden draft at Nullamanna at her 4th start placing 4th.  She also placed 5/6 in Maiden at Casino ( only paid to 4th)  


Rebound placed 2nd in Restricted open at Yetman and won Ladies at Tenterfield ( this was a really special win as it was my mums Memorial draft)


Wannalook Sometime placed 4th in the Maiden at Goondiwindi


I was luck to be able to ride Flick owned by Mark Mcmormack  and placed 5th in the open at Inverell

Wannalook Sometime makes final of maiden draft at Bonalbo and scored again to place 10th ( yep they paid this far!!!!)

Wannalook Stud- Tenterfield

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